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HFL - So Many Facets, So Many Benefits

Posted on 1 September, 2015 at 17:20 Comments comments (224)

I love this campaign! And it never ceases to amaze how people come up with ways that it works for them.
This underscores how HFL can and is uniquely used by folks whose creativity makes it more than what it appears to be.  
Just when you think you've figured out what HFL is, someone comes along and suddenly makes it into something else.

Example: I appreciate how HFL encourages a relationship between folks on the sidewalk and the driving public.  
Here's how that works - What appears to be a somber vigil of 3 or 4 people can suddenly turn into a lively event of a 104 people.
That's if you count those 100 honks by motorists that have passed by! Hey, you can claim all those honks as Honks for Life.

That's how i think of HFL. But, that's just me.

So then, a dear friends says, just today - Hey, I just love to beep my horn whenever I'm moved to - and, where ever I happen to be - especially in the middle of no-where!!  I'm my personal statement and I know my heavenly Father hears that beep, beep, beep! 

Wow! I get that!

You know, that reminds me to encourage you to download the high-res graphics file for the HFL bumper sticker. Take that file, to your local print shop for a stunning print-out and stick it on your bumper.

You may just find some friendly folks giving you a Honk for Life!  

These ladies made my day!

Posted on 28 August, 2015 at 21:20 Comments comments (2)

I got the ultimate HFL experience - today!  What a great test of what HFL is all about. 

There I was on the sidewalk outside PP.  My Friday sign partner was unable to make it and our big posters were in the back of his truck.

All I had was a batch of bumper stickers - So, I'm holding up my 13" x 4.5" bumper sticker and waving to the motorists passing by.

I was amazed that folks could read Honk for Life and I was getting a lot of happy honks.  So, I was having a blessed time.

Suddenly, I spotted a couple of women approaching from the direction of the PP facility. I braced myself for a lecture! :o

Before I had a chance to say Honk, the ring-leader ask me where all the other folks were that she'd expect to see out protesting PP with me.

And in a chorus of greetings the five others, alongside her, were smiling and laughing and thanking me for supporting Life. Whoa! 

Turns out they belong to ministry in Ohio, about 700 miles away and were on a long-weekend - taking break on a sightseeing trip and spending some time getting to know one another. On their way by, they spotted me and were inspired to stop and say hello and share my company!  

What a pleasant surprise and what an encouragement.  Now, I'm hoping they send over the pictures they took, so I can include them in my next post. Ladies1 - if you are out there and reading this - please send photos soon! :D

And, thanks for stopping - you made my day - and more!